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Apr, 2019

SCLL Pitching Area

Are you an SCLL pitcher that has wanted to improve your skills? Well, your
opportunity is now here! Over the offseason, a new pitching training area
was installed at the Lower Potomac fields, situated right next to the batting
cages and tee ball field. The pitching training area is the latest in a series
of improvements expected to be made to the Lower Potomac fields.

This new area has three pitching rubbers with varying distances from home
plate ranging from 46 feet (the standard little league distance from the
plate) to 60 feet for the older pitchers in the Junior and Senior Division. According to
the SCLL Field Manager Mr. Brian Orth, the mounds took a month and a
half to build at a cost of approximately $2,000.

“Of course, most of the price was the wood,” Mr. Orth jokes. From the
League’s perspective, the purpose of the mounds is to help prevent injuries
and strengthen the performance of SCLL pitchers who are determined to
improve. The mounds opened up three weeks ago, just in time for the
upcoming Opening Day.

One of the many interesting features of the new training area is the “pitch
pocket.” Say that a pitcher does not have a catcher to throw to, but wants
to practice. The pitch pocket has nine pockets to which a pitcher can
throw. And if the pitcher’s catcher shows up, they can simply push the
pitch pocket aside.

According to Mr. Orth, the pitching training area is the fourth significant
improvement that has been made in recent times at SCLL. Other
improvements include upgrades to field 4 and adding much needed new
scoreboards to the fields. Mr. Orth also mentioned that he hopes to install
covers over the bleachers for spectators. Plenty more is in the works so
don’t blink, or you might miss the league’s next big move!