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Welcome to South County Little League

Welcome to SCLL Registration

SPRING 2023 Registration is now OPEN for all divisions

The South County Little League is excited about another baseball season.  The league continues to grow and expand.  Beyond our traditional offering of baseball from T-ball to Majors (11-12 year olds), our Girls Softball program is now four years old and continues to attract recreational softball players in the area wishing to learn the game while having a lot of fun.   

If you need help moving through the online registration process, please refer to the HELP page which will provide you instruction whether your are new to SCLL or if you have a returning player.

Some quick notes before starting:

1. New Player Registration: Parents will need to create a new account before registering.  Once the parent(s) have created the account, they will add their players.   Available programs are determined by Age and Gender (baseball is co-ed / softball is girls only) The registration guide will help you determine which option is the best for your family. 

2.  For baseball players league-age 8 and older, the division will be determined through a skills assessment in late February 2023. The player will be moved to the appropriate division following the assessment and subsequent DRAFT.

3.  Registration is a 2 Step Process.    After players are registered on-line, parents will be required to turn in their Volunteer Bond. The Volunteer Bond, made out to SCLL for $150 will be required prior to starting the season.

4.  Families can pay via credit card or by mailing in a check to the address above.  Please provide separate checks for the registration fee and the volunteer bond.  Note, for families using a credit card, the league will charge an additional fee to cover the cost of the credit card processing fee.   Families will be asked to provide a $150 refundable volunteer bond in the form of a check.   Upon completion of the season volunteer commitment,  the check will be returned to the family or destroyed.   Families desiring to have their check returned MUST provide a self-addressed stamped envelope when they mail in their Volunteer Bond.

5.   Registration Deadlines will be strictly observed to enable proper placement of players on teams, timely uniform delivery, compliance with sponsorship commitments, and preparation of team banners.  All registration fees must be paid before players can be placed on a team.  Players in AA, AAA, and Majors, who are subject to the player selection DRAFT must pay all fees before the pool of players are released for the DRAFT.  Players with open balances will be removed from the DRAFT pool.  SCLL cannot guarantee spots, player uniforms, or inclusion of a player's name on a team banner if enrollment is requested after the deadlines.

6.   Practices will begin in early March and Opening Day Ceremonies/first games are scheduled for March 25th, 2023.

7.   Prior to games, teams generally have 2 practices per week. When games begin, team's normally play twice per week with some of the older teams trying to practice once as well. The practice schedule is determined by the coach and available playing fields.   

2022 Assessment Process (AA, AAA and Major Division)

A skills assessment will be conducted for League-Age players 8 - 12 years old.  The Board will determine the best course of action to conduct the skills assessment based on current health department guidelines

The Information Below is provided from past player assessments, and will be updated as the assessment schedule is finalized.


We strongly encourage players to attend the scheduled session aligned with their age. This ensures the proper managers get to view the player. Please note that players who are not able to attend either session will be still be eligible to play. However, those players will be randomly assigned to teams in order to ensure integrity of the draft selection process.

Players should bring a glove. Players are welcome to bring their own bat / helmet if they have one, otherwise, one will be provided. Tennis shoes only - No cleats please!  Players with catcher’s gear are welcome to bring their gear if they desire to be assessed as a catcher, however gear will be available.

The process will work as follows:

1.                  Each player will check in at front desk. They will receive a sticker with their player number, and age. If the player has not yet paid their registration and / or volunteer bond (please bring check) the family will be asked to complete the registration at the time of check in. 

2.          Players will make 5 short throws to a coach or teen player. Players will make 5 more longer throws to a coach while fielding ground balls.

3.         Players will hit 5 to 7 “soft toss” balls from a coach.

4.          Those players who identified as pitchers and catchers will be brought back to pitch / catch in the cage.

You can expect the process to take about an hour, but that is dependent upon the number of players moving through the system. Parents are asked to help their players with their gear and then remain along the sides of the facility in order for us to move players through the process as efficiently as possible.

Please email questions or issues to the player agent at [email protected]

We are excited about this next step towards baseball in the spring and looking forward to seeing everybody!

SCLL League Boundaries

Players living within or attending a school within the boundaries below are eligible to play for South County Little League.     Verify SCLL eligibility -enter home or school address at .   

Players attending school within the SCLL boundaries are eligible to play for SCLL.    Players who attend private school or home school will determine their league via their home address.

Schools In SCLL Boundaries
Haley      Newington Forest    Lorton Station  Laurel Hill    Silverbrook   Gunston  

Spring 2022 Refund Policy

The SCLL Board of Directors has approved the following Refund Policy for the Spring Season.

1.  For all divisions of play a full refund for families and players wishing to cancel their registration prior to the draft.   A $15 service charge will be deducted.

2.  For AA to Majors Division, a 50% refund will be granted after the player draft selections.

3.  For Softball, Tee-ball, A-Ball, Jr and Sr Divisions:   
      a.  A 75% refund will be granted up to the first scheduled practice.   
      b.  After the first schedule practice, a 50% refund will be granted 

The SCLL Board of Directors reserves the right to review refund policies and limits in extraordinary circumstances. Families are cautioned that dissatisfaction with the assigned team, manager or teammates will typically not qualify as an extraordinary case.

Registration Fees


  Early Bird On-Time Late Registration
Baseball T-Ball  $125 $135 $145
Baseball 1A - Majors $175 $195 $215
Baseball Junior / Senior $175 $195 $215

All Divisions (except Baseball Juniors and Seniors)
Early Bird Registration ends 15 December, 2020
Late Registration Fees begin February 28 26th, 2021 

Baseball Divisions
Open Registration thru Feb 8th for AA, AAA, and Majors.
Open Registration thru Feb 29th for T-Ball, Single A, Juniors, and Seniors

Softball Divisions
Open Registration through Feb 28th for all Divisions

Early Bird           On-Time            Late Registration
Softball T-Ball $115$135$145
Softball 8U, 10U, and 12U               $115$135$155
Baseball Junior / Senior$115$135$155

Sibling Discounts Available.

SCLL supports Fairfax County Scholarship

LL Baseball Age Chart


 20172017 2017 2017 2017 2017 2017 2017 2016 2016 2016 2016 
20162016  201620162016 2016 2016 2016 2015 2015 2015 2015 5

Baseball Divisions


SCLL T-Ball Division offers a fun, instructional league for players who are either new to the sport or still refining the basic skills. Tee Ball is a non-competitive program focused on fun, fitness, and fundamentals where players ages 4–6 are first introduced to the basics of baseball . SCLL strives to provide a T-Ball experience focused on teaching the fundamentals of the game in a fun environment while incorporating a high level of physical activity.

General Information

▪ All games are on Saturdays at Lower Potomac Park

▪ One team practice per week on a weekday evening

▪ Team T-shirt and a hat is provided. Parents provide glove, baseball pants, and cleats. Some parents may also choose to purchase a bat for their child to use, however the league will provide a few bats to each team.

"A"  - BASEBALL - (Ages 6-7-8)

This level of play fosters continued skills development and a better understanding of the rules and nuances of the game. Either coaches or a pitching machine will provide pitching to "A" players. The focus remains on the fun of playing the sport while more coaching attention is given to fielding, making plays, accurate throwing, proper hitting technique and preparing the player for player-pitch at the "AA" level.

*Little League 6 year olds are welcome to play A Baseball if they have played one year of T-Ball and pass a safety evaluation.

"AA" - BASEBALL (Ages 7-8-9)

The "AA" Division is a level of baseball where a higher level of game understanding and ability is taught. Competition as it relates to winning and losing is introduced at this level. Winning and losing remain secondary to the essential goal of teaching each player to embrace success or failure with grace and to learn from both. Primary goals are to give players as much experience and playing time as possible and encouragement of ongoing development for all players in all phases of the game. This important developmental division provides a relatively even but not necessarily equal distribution of playing time among players. "AA" includes player pitch, scoring and umpiring. By the end of the season players are expected to have refined their skills so they may successfully participate at the "AAA" level the following year. 

*League Age 9 year olds who attend Evaluations are eligible to play in the AAA division and may be drafted to a AAA team . If you would like your 9 year old to be considered eligible for a AAA team, please contact our Players Agent. 

"AAA" - BASEBALL (Ages 9-10-11) 

This division of Little League promotes a higher level of competition than "AA" and emphasizes more of the standard rules of Little League baseball. The focus in "AAA" remains on education, development and teamwork while encouraging a deeper understanding of the game and advancing skill development in order to prepare players for successful participation at the Majors level.

*League Age 10 and 11 year olds who attend Evaluations are eligible to play in the Majors division and may be drafted to a Majors team . If you would like your 10 or 11 year old to be considered eligible for a Majors team, please contact our Players Agent. 

MAJORS - BASEBALL(Ages 10-11-12)

This division promotes competition to a higher degree as compared to the Minor League. Within this more competitive environment, the emphasis remains on improving baseball skills, building individual self-esteem, promoting team camaraderie and emphasizing fair play. The division is designed to be both the satisfying culmination of some players' Little League careers and to prepare other players for higher levels of play including advancement in Little League Tournament play and readiness to move up to play on the full 90 foot diamond.

Baseball Age / Division Alignment

 League Age T-Ball 1AAA AAA Majors  JuniorsSeniors 
 4 / 5 T-Ball      
 6 T-Ball 1A     
 7  1A AA    
 8  1A AA AAA**   
 9   AA AAA
 10   AA** AAA Maj  
 11    AAA Maj  
 12     Maj Jr 
 13      Jr 
 14      Jr Sr
 15       Sr
 16       Sr

Note:     Final Division Determination for 7 year and older will be determined through Assessment / Draft process
               **Subject to skills assessment, draft selection process, space availability, competition committee, and board approval of application where applicable. Please contact Players Agent to discuss application process. 

Interested in Managing or Coaching?

Coach / Manager

•Online Registration – Parents can register to manage or coach a team at the same time they register players.

If you would like to speak to a league representative about coaching opportunities, or to learn more about coaching with SCLL, please contact Brian Kwitchoff  at [email protected]

Softball Age Chart

Year Born Little League
Softball Age
2013 7

Note: Little League Softball Age Determination is different than Baseball

Scholarships Available

The Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) provides registration fee scholarships and equipment vouchers to eligible youth participating in sports programs in Fairfax County.

Applicants may request the following two forms of assistance:

·         Registration Fee Waiver: Documentation allowing a portion or all of the athlete's league fees to be waived for the season due to economic hardship.

·         Equipment Voucher: Funding provided to purchase seasonal athletic equipment or apparel. Equipment vouchers may be requested only during the Spring and Fall athletic seasons.

For more information visit Fairfax County Community Services or Dee Lucas .   

Volunteer Bond

Each family is required to submit a volunteer bond to the league in the form of a $150 check.  At the conclusion of the Spring season, those families that have fulfilled their volunteer commitment will received their check if they provided a self addressed stamped envelope.   Otherwise, the league will destroy the check.   If a family has not fulfilled their obligation, the league will deposit the check.

Volunteer Bond Checks must be mailed to:

PO Box 206
Lorton, VA 22199

What Do Player's Need

Players will need to purchase their own:
  • Cleats (molded rubber cleats only for Majors and below)
  • Mitt
  • Baseball Pants
  • Batting Gloves
  • Water Bottles
  • Sunglasses
  • Athletic Cup (required for catchers)
COVID 19 Protocols require players to have the following items with them
  • Hand sanitizer (for use at practices and games)
  • Folding Chair (for use during games)
  • Mask (for use in dugouts and where social distancing cannot be achieved)
Many players often also purchase their own:
  • Batting helmet (highly recommended)
  • Bat (also recommended)
  • Equipment bag (backpack)
  • Catcher's gear
SCLL can provide the following equipment for player use on a case-by-case basis
  • Batting helmet
  • Bats
  • Catcher's gear
Players should be dressed appropriately for weather conditions.